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It's only forever, not long at all.


14 August
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HI, I guess!
...iikagen sukitte kizuke yo.

About Hello my name is Liz, I used to live in Tokyo for some years before, I really miss that place. Really really big fangirl. I love to fangirl, fangirls are the best kind of people :)

Random I go out clubbing to dance silly. That is the only way. Procrastinate procrastinate. Addicted to internet shopping. Rewatch same things 100x times. Also I am so sorry I deleted every post I made between 2006 and 2008. I whish I could get those posts back.

Fandom Johnny's. Johnny's Jr. Shounen Club. Tv-series. Fangirling. Licorice. Tea. Harry Potter. Doctor Who. The Walking Dead. Movies. Photoshop. CSS. HTML. Reading. Languages.

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